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Thanks for showing interest in writing for EtawahCity. We regularly get many guest post requests & mails from people of who want to join EtawahCity as a regular contributor. The readers are precious for us. We aim to provide original, high quality & engaging content to the readers.

You can be a contributor on EtawahCity even if you are not a blogger, author or writer. We believe we all have a story to share & inspire.  However, there are certain guidelines to check before you decide to come on board.


What Do You Gain From Guest Posting On EtawahCity?

EtawahCity is listed among Top City Blogs under 3 major categories. By guest posting on EtawahCity, you get…

  1. You get a platform to showcase your work to a dedicated group of bloggers & readers.
  2. You get recognition for your work. You will be credited for your work. We will showcase your author bio along with social links. It will help you drive traffic to your website ( if you are a blogger) & increase social presence on Social media.
  3. If your post receives a good response, you could join us as a regular contributor.


Submission Guidelines For A Guest Post

  1. You MUST be a subscriber of EtawahCity to submit your work. You can subscribe from the homepage.
  2. The post should be original, engaging & informative. It should be at least 700-1000 words or more ( if it contains only text) & 500-700 words or more ( if it’s a travel or review post containing images)
  3. The article should be free of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes & MUST pass plagiarism test.
  4. Please suggest 2-3 attractive headings for your post. Try to use keywords in the heading alternatives to make it search engine friendly.
  5. You must send Links to free images ( not images) that go with your content. You may select free images from http://www.pixabay.com. They provide good quality images under Creative Commons License for free attribution and distribution.  ( The image size should be at least 1170 X 650 pixels or more)
  6. Do not submit a post that highlights you, your website/work/blog/product/services. We don’t accept self-promotional posts.
  7. Make sure that the article is well crafted & written in simple English that is easy to understand.
  8. You can pitch in post ideas OR Send us the draft for reference.
  9. The post will be extensively promoted & shared on EtawahCity social channels. The contributor MUST promote & share the piece on his/her social channels as well.You Must tag  EtawahCity in your social media promotion so we are notified. If the post is not promoted/shared on your social channels, the back link to your blog & social networking sites or the article all together will be removed from EtawahCity blog.
  10. Please interact with the readers who comment on your blog post. You are expected to answer/reply all the comments.
  11. DO NOT include any affiliate link in your post. It will be rejected. Any link to the commercial websites even if it is owned by you, will not be accepted.


How To Send The Guest Post

  1. Send the draft using E-mail from here. Fill all the required fields.
  2. Do not forget to mention Your name, a short bio of 2-3 lines ( 50 words approx) & link to your gravatar account. ( if you don’t have one, pls make an account using your mail & share the link). It will be used for your author image.
  3. Please include the link to your website ( if you have any) & Social media links at the end of the draft.
Important Note: when you write for EtawahCity 
  1. By submitting your work here, you give the copyright to EtawahCity. You can not share the same article or modified/ remodeled piece on any other platform.
  2. You can’t include a link to any commercial website, product or blog. Guest blogging is for sharing ideas, opinions & creative writing. Any commercial activity will not be entertained.
  3. If you have been writing before, you can send the writing sample for reference.
  4. If your post is selected for publishing, you will be intimated through mail. The date of publishing will be decided according to the available slot. The same will be informed to you.
  5. Please pay special attention to the quality of the content. If the post quality is not up to the mark, it will be rejected.
  6. The right of accepting or rejecting the work remains with us.
  7. Submit your work only if you agree with the guidelines/rules.

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